Meet the team

We’re a small group of designers, developers and project managers. If you’d like to pop in and see us, we’re based by the sea in Worthing, but we work with clients all over the UK and beyond.

Kevin Baker

Kevin is a perfectionist. He knows everything that happens in the business, and keeps the rest of the team on its toes. He’s driven by brilliance, both in design and organisation. He won’t let go until the job is done.

Keren Turner

Keren is a fabulously skilled all-round designer. She started life as a book designer, but quickly moved on to work in an advertising agency, where she honed her skills on the cut-and-thrust of big projects. She’s now got 20 years’ experience in design, branding, marketing, publishing and web design. She’s still a dab hand at book design, too.

Rob Burdick

Rob’s design journey began with a 2p coin, a length of fishing line, superglue and the photocopier in his school library. He progressed to working on early Apple Macs and quickly flourished in the fast-progressing world of design. He loves his design elegant, user-friendly and mobile-responsive.

James Endersby

James is our go-to guy for web development of all kinds. He’s technically brilliant, able to build beautiful bespoke websites at the drop of a hat (or the click of a button). He’s no inaccessible geek, though. James is friendly, responsive and superb at meeting deadlines.

Rachel Carpenter

Rachel makes sure that all our numbers work properly, bills are paid, invoices settled and the books match up. She’s brilliant at keeping on top of everything financial so the rest of us can keep our focus on our day-jobs.