Zummo Flight Technologies

Zummo are flight pioneers, working hard on revolutionising the helicopter and drone industry. They needed design to demonstrate their boundary-pushing credentials to visionary investors.



Zummo Flight Technologies

July 2017

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About the Project

Zummo’s team are excited about their ground-breaking ideas, and keen to get them out to a broader audience. The challenge for us was communicating complex technology to investors who might be just as excited as the Zummo team, but in need of greater understanding. We designed a slick logo, branding and website design that helps investors understand their potential.

“Working with Flawless was a fantastic experience. Our company is in the early stages of R&D and we had to rely on Flawless for more than just creativity. We not only needed them to be intelligent about our technology, but we also needed them to be strategic thinkers. What we loved most about them was their brilliant minds and ability to produce slick design in perfect time. If I could use one word to describe our experience with Flawless it would be exceptional.”

Lisa Roulette, CEO, Zummo Flight Technologies